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Hello and a warm welcome to Falcon Construction

Falcon Construction is THE next generation in home building companies. Led by New Zealand building expert David Reid (founding and former Director of David Reid Homes), Falcon Construction has been established specifically to assist Cantabrians rebuild their homes. Lets get Christchurch back on its feet!

We can work with both you and your insurer to get you into a new home sooner, with as little disruption as possible. We are approved as a construction provider for Lumley, IAG, NZI, AMI, Vero and State Insurance. At Falcon Construction we manage the entire build process meaning there is one less stress for you to have to deal with.

Falcon Construction offers two product ranges:

  • Falcon Construction Precast Concrete

    The size of the rebuild in Christchurch is unique - no city in the world has had to rebuild on such a massive scale. Because this situation is so unique we need to think outside the square - we need a new approach to building. Falcon Construction is leading the way with Cube technology - a system of building using strong precast concrete that has been developed specifically to minimise earthquake risk. Cube offers all the inherent advantages of Concrete, plus, because our unique system allows us to undertake a significant amount of the work away from your building site - we can provide you with a new home much quicker than previous building methods.

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  • Falcon Construction Architectural Designer & Diamond Series

    If you are looking for a unique, modern home that offers all the best in design features– the Designer & Diamond Series of high quality architectural homes is for you. These beautiful homes are built using traditional methods and materials and are as flexible in design as your requirements. The end result is a stunning contemporary home that will make a statement for years to come.

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Housing NZ uses red zone homes

There was a "hell of a lot of red tape" to cut through but finally red-zoned homes are being put to good use. Housing New Zealand has contracted Christchurch firm Falcon Construction to relocate damaged red-zone homes owned by the Crown to state housing sites.

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Building a home 'not just about banging in nails'

OPINION: The building industry has never had to deal with anything in New Zealand on the scale of the Christchurch rebuild. Everyone involved should use the opportunity to help the industry grow up, writes David Reid, founder of David Reid Homes and Falcon Construction.

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